2012 Board Resolutions

2012 ADC Board Resolutions 


1. Whereas the upcoming elections are pivotal and will have an impact on the community, ADC will continue to encourage the Arab American community to participate in the electoral process, and civic engagement at all times. ADC will also continue to protect the rights of all voters and reengage the Voter Protection Unit (VPU) and work with other minority groups to protect against voter disenfranchisement.

2. Whereas the role of ADC as advocate for the civil rights and civil liberties of Arab Americans and minorities continues to be a vital part of the fight for justice and equality for members of all; ADC resolves to continue providing pro bono legal services, engaging in media campaigns and expanding ADC`s chapters around the country.

3. Whereas over 25 years have passed since the terrorist attack on ADC‘s West Coast office and the assassination of its regional director, Alex Odeh; be it resolved that ADC will continue its efforts to compel our government to bring the perpetrators of this terrorist act to justice.

4. Whereas ADC has actively and tirelessly sought the termination of the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) during the last decade, and whereas ADC welcomes the decision by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on April 28, 2011 to modify NSEERS; be it resolved that a) ADC will continue advocating for the granting of retroactive relief for those affected by NSEERS, and b) ADC will continue working tirelessly for NSEERS to be repealed in its entirety.

5. Whereas hateful anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant rhetoric is reaching an all-time high leading up to the 2012 Presidential elections; and whereas such rhetoric has had a devastating impact on the Arab-American and Muslim-American communities - felt through an increase in hate crimes, employment discrimination, and school bullying incidents; be it resolved that a) ADC will keep holding politicians accountable for any hateful rhetoric, and b) ADC will work with schools to ensure that anti-bullying policies are in place and implemented.

6. Whereas ADC will continue to work with all members of the Arab American community; be it resolved that a) ADC will continue striving for Arab American unity based on commonalities, b) ADC will work to strengthen coalition building between all members of the community; c) ADC will work towards promoting the rich diversity of all members` cultural heritage.

7. Whereas ADC has worked diligently over the last year with various groups to build lasting coalitions; whereas the importance of uniting with others to work towards common goals is especially relevant within the civil rights context as Arab Americans are facing the same struggles and issues that other groups have faced, and continue to face; whereas coalition building is the best way to strengthen ADC`s voice within the community at large; be it resolved that ADC will continue to work on dialogue and building coalitions with communities including, but not limited to, African Americans, women, Asian Americans, and various interfaith organizations.

8. Whereas employment discrimination has consistently been the primary issue of all requests for assistance ADC has received for the last several years; whereas the records of an elevated number of Arab American employment discrimination cases accord with the records of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), be it resolved that ADC will continue to focus its resources on employment discrimination cases through advocacy, support of litigation, collaboration with other legal experts and raising public awareness of employment discrimination issues.

9. Whereas ADC believes that Arab Americans must have an equal opportunity in the business spectrum and other minority owned be it resolved that a) ADC will continue work with the Department of Commerce to ensure that Arab American business owners are recognized as “minority business owners,”; b) ADC will work to organize and mobilize Arab American business owners and address their needs and ensure that their rights in the business sector are protected and c) ADC will continue its efforts to expand the minority designation to the community as a whole, including working towards a designation by the Census Bureau.

10. Whereas ADC has been an active member of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and Human Rights and instrumental in supporting post-September 11 related legislation, including the End Racial Profiling Act (ERPA); whereas ADC has identified and reported numerous incidents of racial or ethnic profiling targeting the Arab-American community by law enforcement agencies; and whereas the present Administration has repeatedly maintained that it is against the use of racial profiling; be it resolved that ADC will continue working with coalition partners including the Rights Working Group, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Asian American Justice Center (AAJC), and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) among others, to support the passage of ERPA during this Congressional session.

11. Whereas ADC has been at the forefront of organizations raising concerns about and challenging sweeping surveillance powers and broad authority to gather public records under the US PATRIOT Act through continuously filing for disclosure of information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA); whereas ADC remains dedicated to hold the NYPD accountable after its repeated implementation of unlawful surveillance programs and tactics that have intruded on Arab Americans throughout New York and neighboring states; and whereas ADC will investigate domestic drones that are used to collect information for law enforcement officials without requirement of a court warrant and therefore violate the each American’s Fourth Amendment right; be it resolved that ADC will remain steadfast in its mission