Kahlil Gibran Appreciation Initiative


"Advance and never halt, for advancing is perfection." -Kahlil Gibran

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ADC proudly announces its new Kahlil Gibran Appreciation Initiative to honor the great philosopher, poet, artist, and writer. His work is among the most lyrical and expressive in all literature. He wrote principally of love, life, death, and homeland. A Lebanese-born immigrant to the United States, he belonged to the world. Known to all for his imaginative works and seemingly never-ending wisdom, Gibran is truly deserving of commemoration.

Born in 1883 in Bcharre, Lebanon, Gibran immigrated to the United States in 1894 with his family, settling in Boston. In 1912, he traveled to and settled in New York where he remained until his death in 1931. The written works of this illustrious man were completed in English and later translated into Arabic among many other languages.

Gibran is best known for his masterpiece, The Prophet, first published in 1923. It has been reprinted over 107 times with over 100 million copies sold. His works were all self-illustrated and are an expressive fusion of art and poetry. Intolerant of tyranny and oppression, he taught of the supreme healing power of love and the unity of man. His meager beginnings and life trials taught him the meaning of pain, hardship, and the agony of failure which all contributed to the resounding success of his works decades after his death.

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