ADC Update: May 27, 2004

ADC Ensures Palestinian Flag will be Part of University's Graduation Ceremony

ADC was recently made aware, by several concerned students and also Dr. Yacoub E. Yacoub; President of the ADC-KY Chapter, of a decision by a top tier New England University to prohibit a graduating Palestinian student from raising the Palestinian flag at her graduation ceremony. At this University's graduation ceremony, it is customary that all international students raise their home-country's flag as they graduate from the university.

Upon learning the details of the situation, ADC President Mary Rose Oakar, contacted the President's Office at this leading New England University to object to this decision and express ADC's concern. Former congresswoman Oakar was advised that the University has reconsidered its decision and that the graduating Palestinian student will be permitted to proceed with the graduation while the Palestinian flag is raised along with other international flags at the ceremony.

President Oakar added, "On behalf of ADC I wish to congratulate the Palestinian student for her graduation from the university as well as the university for resolving this matter in an efficient and mutually beneficial manner." She added, "By resolving this matter, the university has proven its dedication to diversity and equality."