18 November, 2004

Jack Cafferty Continues Racist Remarks


Washington DC, November 18, 2004–The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination committee (ADC) is troubled by the ongoing racist comments expressed by Jack Cafferty on CNN‘s “American Morning” program. Cafferty‘s frequent remarks regarding the Arab and Muslim world during “The Cafferty Files,” his segment of the show, are overtly racist, hostile and dehumanize the Arab and Muslim peoples.

Jack Cafferty continues to express a simplistic view of the Arab and Muslim worlds, oftentimes conflating them. His comments malign the Arab and Muslim peoples and infer that they are somehow inherently prone to violence (see comments below). US media commentators have expressed deep concern at the negative effects of hateful rhetoric directed against the US by some elements of the Arab press. Cafferty‘s hateful rhetoric has similar negative effects and undermines the spirit of objective journalism.

It should be noted that Cafferty has a history of insensitive remarks towards many minority groups, not just Arabs and Muslims. In November of last year, he allegedly went as far as to crudely mock the Japanese language through a series of “ching” and “chong” noises. ADC urges you to contact CNN and American Morning about these effects of these comments (see contact information below).


On November 17, while discussing video footage of the killing of an unarmed Iraqi insurgent by a US soldier, Mr. Cafferty stated “The Arab World is where innocent people are kidnapped, blindfolded, tied up, tortured and beheaded, and then videotape of all of this is released to the world as though they‘re somehow proud of their barbarism. Somehow, I wouldn‘t be too concerned about the sensitivity of the Arab world. They don‘t seem to have very much.” He added, “I