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Arab and Muslim Civil Rights and Identity: A Selection of Scholarly Writings from the Decade after 9/11

The current publication, marking ten years after 9/11, seeks to offer insight into the many dimensions of what Arabs and Muslims in America have faced throughout the past decade. It brings together scholars from around the country, who present the legal and social challenges with which members of these communities have been confronted. In particular, the writings explore how Arab and Muslim Americans were impacted in relation to their civil rights and civil liberties, as well as their image in the public eye and their own sense of identity.

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2010 ADC Legal Report

Download the .PDF version of the report.

Golan Heights: Occupation and Resistance

The report is intended as a remedy to the relative neglect and lack of information in the West about the experience of the people of the Golan Heights.  Like the Palestinians, they continue to affirm their national identity and defend their rights, despite over 40 years of Israeli military occupation.

Printed copies of the report are available for $10 each from ADCRI.

ADC and Penn State Law School Release Report on NSEERS Program

The National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) program was implemented as a counterterrorism tool in the wake of September 11, 2001. The white paper provides a legal and policy analysis of NSEERS, and recommendations to the Obama administration. 58. pgs ADC and Penn State Law School

Issue Paper 32 "The Aftermath of the War on Gaza and the Israeli Elections: Problems and Prospects Facing Palestinian/Israeli Peace"

Issue Paper 32 discusses the 22-day war on Gaza and its effect on the political situation, as well as the continuing expansion of the Israeli settlements throughout the course of the peace process. The paper also discusses the problems leadership on both the Palestinian and Israeli side pose to a viable peace process. . 26 pgs. Published by the ADC Research Institute Mar 2009


Hate Crimes Report 2003-2007:

A report on racially motivated crimes and civil rights violations that occurred during the years 2003-2007. 99 pgs. Published by the ADC Research Institute 2008

Eyewitness Lebanon: An International Law Inquiry:

A comprehensive report on the human rights violations that occurred during the conflict in Lebanon and Israel in the summer of 2006. 233pgs. Published by the ADC Research Institute 2007

Hate Crimes Report 2001-2002:

In the first nine weeks following the September 11 terrorist attacks, ADC documented over 700 violent incidents targeting Arab Americans, or those perceived to be Arab Americans. Reports of employment discrimination to ADC quadrupled compared to previous annual reports. pg. 139 ADC-Research Institute 2003

Hate Crimes Report 1998-2000:

This Report, traces hate crimes and discrimination against the Arab-American community from the beginning of 1998 to the end of 2000. It outlines the major challenges facing Arab Americans when dealing with other sectors of American society, including individuals, corporations, news and entertainment media, educational institutions, law enforcement and the government. In the pages of this Report, ADC tracks patterns of discrimination and bias against Americans because of their Arab ethnicity. The report is divided into three sections which deal with legal issues, discrimination in education, and media bias and defamation.

ADC Issue Paper # 30 The Palestinian Right of Return

The ethnic cleansing of Palestine that took place at the foundation of the creation of the state of Israel remains a complex and critical issue in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. The right of return, an inalienable Palestinian demand, is examined in its legal and political contexts. Ali Abu Nimah and Hussien Ibish for ADC Research Institute

ADC Issue Paper # 27 The Other Gulf War Syndrome

Following the first Gulf War a series of sanctions and bombing campaigns devastated the Iraqi people. This issue paper analyzes the media coverage of Inter-War Iraq and is critical of unbalanced press coverage. 29pg ADC Research Institute 1997