Statement Regarding Malek Jandali and the ADC Convention

Washington, DC | | June 9, 2011 -- There has been an attempt to deflect from the focus of the ADC National Convention by various media, with accusations leveled against ADC as being against pro-democracy speech. Renowned pianist Mr. Malek Jandali was invited to perform at the ADC Gala Banquet for his inspiring compositions. A celebrated artist, Mr. Jandali performed at ADC last year. The notion that ADC, the largest grassroots Arab American organization, which has consistently and painstakingly fought for the civil rights and liberties of Arab Americans throughout its history of thirty-one years, would disinvite an artist for promoting democracy is absurd. Mr. Jandali’s participation at the banquet was intended to be in his professional capacity as a musical performer.

As for the expression of personal political views, ADC provides ample opportunity for discussion and debate throughout the convention. This year’s convention includes panel discussions on U.S. foreign policy, the popular uprisings in the Middle East and