2010 ADC Legal Report: Significant Increase in Legal Complaints



Washington, DC | www.adc.org | March 3, 2011 - The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) reports that in 2010 it received a significant increase in the number of legal complaints. The 2010 ADC Legal Report provides a statistical breakdown of the different types of cases -- a majority of the cases dealt with employment discrimination-related matters. Statistics also show that the actions of the ADC Legal Staff resulted in successful outcomes for most of the complainants. 

An analysis of the different types of cases underscores the unfortunate reality that when the public discourse is fueled with anti-immigrant sentiment and xenophobia, there will inevitably be a backlash against the communities targeted by such hateful rhetoric. Data also show that the months with the most reported complaints were August and September 2010. These months coincide with the time when the Park51 cultural center in New York City became a national issue, and when airing anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiments became the norm in the media.   

Similar to the aftermath of the Park51 matter, ADC is concerned about probable backlash against the Arab-American and Muslim-American communities, which may result from the upcoming hearings scheduled by Congressman Peter King of New York. Singling out an entire religious group is discriminatorily un-American and contrary to our constitutional principles. Moreover, scoring political points at the expense of the safety of a minority community is a shameful, malicious, and unjust tactic; and a hearing that is more akin to an inquisition is inconsistent with the proper exercise of congressional inquiry.

ADC calls on all public officials and persons to take into account the real harm that bigoted words and actions can have on minority and immigrant communities. ADC calls on all political and public persons to decry hateful rhetoric and not attempt to demonize an entire community solely for the sake of personal political gain. As we have witnessed in 2010, such political discourse is not only shameful and un-American, but also comes with a heavy price of unjustly targeting an entire community and putting it in danger. We, as Americans, must demand and particularly expect more from our elected officials.

For over 30 years ADC has provided legal assistance to thousands of individuals on a pro bono basis.  The services of ADC are needed now more than ever --- so please take a moment and make a contribution to ensure that the rights and liberties of all Americans continued to be protected. The largest and most prominent Arab-American organization is only as strong as its supporters.