ADC’s Statement for the Record regarding Congressman Peter King’s Hearing

Washington, DC | | March 10, 2011 – The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) submitted on March 8, 2011, a Statement for the Record to the House Committee on Homeland Security, regarding the hearing scheduled for today by Representative Peter T. King (R-NY) on “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response.”

In the Statement for the Record, ADC stated that “[i]t is unfortunate that the Committee is missing an opportunity of not using its jurisdiction to conduct a hearing about the domestic threats that our country is currently facing within all sectors of our society.  By selectively targeting the community of the Muslim faith, the Committee will engender continual anti-Muslim bigotry.”

ADC President, Sara Najjar-Wilson, further indicated in the Statement that the best course of action would have been for the Committee to undertake an impartial study of  radicalization across our societal spectrum, to better determine the root causes of radicalization and how best to prevent them.  The current myopic framework for such a complex subject will further stigmatize an entire community of one faith.  Such prejudicial agenda is contrary to American constitutional principles, and inconsistent with American values of uniting us and not dividing us along religious affiliation.   

As ADC’s statement emphasized, “American Muslims are part of the beautiful American mosaic; their contributions, dedication and service to our country go back to the birth of our Nation.”


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