ADC Congratulates President Obama

Washington, DC | | May 5, 2011 - The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) congratulates President Barack H. Obama and his Administration Team for the successful operation that eliminated Osama bin Laden. Justice has been rendered to the leader of the terrorists who killed thousands of innocent people on the worst foreign attack on American soil in our Nation’s history.

To paraphrase the President’s own statements: We will never forget our loss, or waiver in our commitment for equality and justice, or the pursuit of peace and human dignity for all people. On that day of 9/11 and today – no matter where we came from or what our citizenship is, no matter what our faith is, or what race or ethnicity we are – we are united as one family in our commitment to each other, our love of community and country, and our standing up for our values in our pursuit of liberty and justice for all.

We remain: “E Pluribus Unum,” or “Out of Many, One.”  

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