ADC Calls For Immediate Internal Investigation of FBI Training

Washington, DC | | September 16, 2011 –The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) expresses deep concern over the FBI’s apparent dismissal of repeated calls from civil rights advocates to cease using any offensive, inaccurate, and inflammatory material as part of its counterterrorism training. Despite past reassurances, the FBI has persisted in its practice of vilifying Islam and Muslim-Americans in its training material. 

A recent article appearing on, FBI Teaches Agents: ‘Mainstream’ Muslims are ‘Violent, Radical’ exposed that FBI training materials continue to contain false and biased claims that Muslim-Americans are inextricably linked to violence. The article points to specific material and provides detailed examples of the materials being used. One example is a chart correlating the piousness of a Muslim to the likelihood of that Muslim being a terrorist – “contending that the more ‘devout’ a Muslim, the more likely he is to be ‘violent.’” (Examples of other material can be found below) 

The use of such material inevitably leads to ineffective policing, a waste of resources, and mistrust between the community and the agency. ADC stands by Mike German’s (ACLU) statement from the article: “Seeing the materials FBI agents are being trained with certainly helps explain why we’ve seen so many inappropriate FBI surveillance operations broadly targeting the Muslim-American community, from infiltrating mosques with agents provocateur to racial- and ethnic-mapping programs [...] Biased police training can only result in biased policing.”

ADC Legal Director Abed Ayoub stated, “There is no justification for this material to be a part of the training module