ADC Statement on Palestine Statehood Bid 

Washington, DC | | September 19, 2011 -  Events at the United Nations this week involving Palestine’s bid for statehood will not by themselves mean a just peace and realization of Palestinian rights so long denied. But these events may lead to new and important possibilities, and ADC remains engaged in these developments. While this appeal is being intensely debated between intellectuals and politicians invoking either the positive or negative consequences of such action, there are some facts which remain indisputable. The Palestinian people are ready for statehood and the opportunity to express their self-sufficiency. The path to statehood must be walked upon starting this moment, yet we remain cautious about the dangers we continue to face. The Palestinian people deserve the same human rights and opportunities as any other population- their suffering – our suffering – has endured for too long.

UN and international community support for Palestinian human rights and self-determination