Come to the ADC National Convention this year and go home with the tools you need to make the Arab American community stronger. Unlike other conventions, the ADC National Convention offers something for everyone -- We don’t want you to come to DC to just listen, we want you to come and take charge! 

If you are looking to become a stronger advocate, make sure you join us this year at the ADC National Convention

The convention features 20 sessions over four days, including the following workshops: 

Small Business Administration Workshop


The Small Business Administration (SBA) workshop will offer valuable information to small business owners and entrepreneurs. ADC is committed to helping Arab American small business owners flourish in a tough economy. The workshop will provide valuable insight on programs that will help business owners grow and prosper.

Advocacy & Organizing Workshop

As the country’s largest Arab American grassroots organization, ADC is committed to providing all members with the essential tools and knowledge needed to be an effective organizer. This training session will provide attendees with what they need to become strong advocates for the community. 

Education & Bullying Workshop


There is no question that bullying impacts all communities. The harsh reality is that many young Arab Americans face this issue every day in the classroom. Representatives from the Department of Education will offer tips that all parents and educators need to know. This is a valuable workshop and one that your children will certainly thank you for attending.


Department of Treasury Community Forum  


The Treasury Department community forum will offer members a chance to learn more about the laws governing charitable giving and get a better idea about the concept of “good governance.” This is especially important for individuals who send money to relatives overseas and contribute to foreign development projects. You will also have an opportunity to engage with representatives from the Department of Treasury.


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