NAALA Legal Networking Reception Recap


Washington, DC | | April 18, 2012 -- On Monday, the National Arab American Lawyers Association of ADC (NAALA) held its Spring Networking Reception. Attorneys, law students, and other legal professionals had the opportunity to join together to further discuss the NAALA initiative while enjoying a wonderful reception hosted and catered by the Law Firm of Arnold & Porter, LLP. 

ADC President Warren David gave welcoming remarks and ADC Legal Director Abed Ayoub gave an overview of NAALA and presented the initiative’s objectives. Bassel Korkor then offered remarks on behalf of Arnold & Porter, LLP and introduced the evening’s distinguished keynote speaker, Mr. Ralph Nader. 

Mr. Nader spoke, in his usual inspiring fashion, on the growing demand for and lack of supply of justice in the United States. He remarked as to the importance of attorneys and legal professionals taking a larger view of justice and injustices as officers of the court. Focusing on “non-retainer litigation” and the importance of initiatives such as NAALA, Mr. Nader remarked, “It is important to raise the vision of what this initiative is all about. Arab Americans are perfect victims in today’s society as they keep too silent -- we now have more cause than ever to unite and raise the banner of resistance.” Encouraging attorneys to support NAALA, he likened the initiative to some of the most prominent organizations in the forefront of American history such as the NAACP and the ACLU, saying that those groups started over 105 years ago with lawyers and non-lawyers gathering in small groups to start a controversial initiative with strong enemies. “They were busy and could’ve made excuses; but, the