Support House Resolution honoring Ameen Rihani

Washington, DC | | April 11, 2012 -- Just recently, Representatives Nick Rahall (D-West Virginia) and Charles Boustany (R-Louisiana) introduced a bipartisan resolution honoring the life of Arab American writer Ameen Rihani (1876–1940) and celebrating 100 years of the Arab American novel. The resolution elaborates Rihani’s role in educating the American public about the Arab world at the turn of the century and describes his vision of a cooperative relationship between Arabs and Americans that emerged after his travels through the Arabian Peninsula in the 1920's.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) would like to alert its members to a very important positive resolution involving Arab American heritage and ask their assistance in pushing this important initiative forward.

We need your help in convincing additional representatives of both parties to co-sponsor this legislation. This is a special opportunity for our community to engage members of Congress on a cultural issue. Further, you may be able to develop a relationship with your respective Congressional offices in the process of persuading them to sign on to this very important initiative.

Rihani’s 1911 novel, The Book of Khalid, tells an extraordinary story of migration from Baalbek, Lebanon to the “Washington Street” neighborhood of Lower Manhattan. Rihani’s life story and his literature offer us the ability to communicate our shared story to the American public with the same persistent spirit through which Rihani dedicated his life to bridging nations, religions, and cultures.

TAKE ACTION! Call and ask your representative to co-sponsor House Resolution 608, introduced by Rep. Rahall. Find the number for your member of Congress  

For the text of the resolution and here for more information about Ameen Rihani’s life: