GOP Candidate Questions Why “Middle Easterners” are in America 

Demand Gabriela Mercer apologize for her comments!

Call (520) 333-4204 or send an email to her campaign.

Washington, DC | | August 28, 2012 – A Republican candidate has once again shared and expressed xenophobic views. Gabriela Saucedo Mercer, a Republican congressional candidate from Arizona, stated about “Middle Easterners” that “their only goal in life is to cast harm to the United States,” and continued to question the presence of “Middle Easterners” in the US by asking, “Why do we want them here, either legally or illegally.” 

The comments came during an interview, which was given to a local Arizona news outlet, starting at the 8:00 mark, running for nearly two minutes. As the interview continues Mercer claims that the finding of “prayer rugs and Qurans” is a clear indication that “this is part of something bigger.” In the same interview Mercer promoted the use of racial profiling and explained that, “If you know Middle Easterners a lot of them they look Mexican, or they look you know like a lot of people born in South American, dark skin, dark hair, brown eyes, and they mix! They mix in.” An edited version of the video has also been posted. Neither video is affiliated with ADC. 

ADC has tried to decipher and understand the logic behind such comments; however a conclusion was made that Mercer does not use any logic when she moves her lips to speak. Similar findings have been made about other politicians who engage in such rhetoric. The illogical comments and statements are rooted in xenophobia and have no place in politics or our national discourse. 

The use of such language once again exemplifies the bigotry and racism rampant within the Republican party, and politics as a whole. The comments are in line with similar remarks made by other politicians, such as Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois (R). The continued use of such language has led to an increase in hate crimes and violent attacks on Arab, Muslim, Sikh and South Asian communities. 

Demand Gabriela Mercer apologize for her comments! Call (520) 333-4204 or send an email to her campaign.

ADC has called on the leaders of the Republican party, including presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, to denounce such comments and move away from the politics of hate and fear. In fact the Romney campaign has done just the opposite – working closely with notorious Islamophobes in an effort to use fear and hatred for political gain. The reluctance to remove xenophobia from politics leaves room to worry, and concerns for all Americans. These tactics will continue to divide the country at a time unity is needed to overcome the challenges facing our nation. 

ADC once calls on all politicians to distance themselves from these tactics and take a stand against hate and bigotry.