As Arab Americans we have a lot to be proud of.

Take Ralph Nader for example, presidential candidate and activist or Anthony Shadid, famous journalist and two time Pulitzer Prize winner or James Abourezk, the first Arab American to serve in the Senate and founder of ADC. 

Abourezk, having seen discrimination against Arab Americans during his time in the Senate, saw the need for a grassroots based organization to represent Arab Americans. So in 1980, he established ADC, the first Arab American civil rights organization. 

Former senator James Abourezk on ADC: 

I founded ADC because I wanted people to know the truth about discrimination against Arab Americans. I understood we had to prioritize our grassroots foundation. So for five years, I flew out to cities around the country to build chapters. My first priority was to get members so that we could effectively put pressure on politicians and the press. We have to recognize that in order to protect ourselves as Arab Americans, we have to band together  the more people we have, the more power we will have

Today every Arab is labeled – no matter their religion, so people are often ashamed of being Arab. However the more pride you have for being of Arab descent  the better off we all are.

ADC can’t operate without you! By investing in ADC you allow ADC to organize, build chapters, train interns, and educate people about issues that affect Arab Americans. Donate and make the work ADC does possible!” 

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