Alf Shukur!


Pictured above: Vocalist Lubana Al Quntar accompanied by the Alwan Arab Music Ensemble (December 2012)

Alf Shukur (a thousand thank yous) to all those involved in last Saturday's Turaath: Celebrating Arab Culture in America event! 

ADC offers its sincerest appreciation to the 1,200 people who bought tickets and attended Turaath. There wasn't an empty seat in the theater! Your time and effort in attending is reflective of your commitment to your community. ADC recognizes that and commends you for it. 

We would especially like to thank the members of theADC Women's Initiative, under the leadership of Dr. Amal K. David, for the countless hours of hard work they volunteered to make Turaath a success. ADC is forever indebted to the initiative for being actively engaged on a grassroots level