d6a3527b0d.jpgArab Americans know how costly it can be to speak out against injustice. 

Think of Helen Thomas, Octavia Nasr, and many others who were punished for sharing their opinions or standing up for their principles.

Just like Helen and Octavia, there is one notable Arab American who paid the price for not backing down — former congressman Paul Findley

After eleven terms in Congress, congressman Findley lost his bid for reelection largely in part to his criticism of the Israeli lobby. Well known for his support for farmers in his district and Palestinians, and for his best seller, They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby, congressman Findley has been a supporter of ADC since the beginning. 

Former congressman Paul Findley on ADC:

ADC is the single most effective organization in the US in bringing together people of Arab ancestry for a common cause: to promote the wonderful contributions of Arab Americans to the rest of America, to build effective alliances to combat discrimination, and to advance constructive causes that make America a better home for all citizens, not just people of Arab ancestry. 

I became acquainted for the first time with Senator James Abourezk in 1978.  He was aware of the criticism I was receiving from supporters of Israel’s military assaults on Arab states.  He was arranging the first annual convention of the ADC and invited me to speak and receive recognition of my endeavors.  This occurred in 1980.  It began a long friendship that continues to this day. 

I support ADC because it stands for human rights for all oppressed people, not just Arabs and Arab Americans
.  I have spent much of my post-Congress time defending the rights of Muslims, in America and worldwide.   Throughout these endeavors, ADC has been at my side.  By defending the rights of Muslims, Arabs, and Arab Americans, I know I am helping all people.  When anyone is oppressed, all of us are hurt and endangered by that oppression.” 

You know how much more effective it is to stand within your community — there is strength in numbers. So take a stand with ADC!

As we near the end of the year, please consider making a tax deductible donation to ADC. With your support, we can keep fighting injustices that affect our community. 

Thank you for your investment and for being part of the team!