Belly dance costumes with colorful veils, oil rich sheikhs with goatees, and angry young men strapped with explosives speaking in Arabic-- we’ve all seen it.

There has been one man, who I have known for over 25 years who has fought tirelessly to educate people about the impact of these bigoted depictions of Arabs and Arab Americans-- Dr. Jack Shaheen

Jack recognizes the need to combat stereotypes with truth, and as a result has been a supporter of ADC since the beginning. 

Dr. Jack Shaheen on ADC:

"I am a member of ADC, because there is a desperate need for an organization like ADC. I’m surprised when I hear people say “what is ADC doing for me?” Why not ask, “what can I do for ADC?” 

ADC is the only civil rights organization committed to defending the civil liberties of Americans with Arab roots.  It’s important to remember that as a community when one of us is discriminated against-- we are all discriminated against. And without ADC, we are on our own. Where else would we turn? 

Even if you have not been discriminated against, it’s your moral responsibility to take care of fellow Arab Americans. By supporting ADC, you are supporting those who need help.  And if you don’t, who will? Rush Limbaugh? Do you want people like him to represent us? No-- then do something about it!"

I know you are like Jack. This is why I urge you to consider Jack’s words and do something about it-- become a part of the ADC team!

As Jack said, if we don’t take care of each other, who will? 

Imagine individuals like Rush Limbaugh representing you. Limbaugh, who said “freedom of speech … does go too far when it involves Islam,” and who came to the aid of Michelle Bachmann claiming “she's doing her Constitutional duty” to question “if one of Hillary Clinton's top aides poses a national security threat” because of her ethnicity.

The work ADC does is not easy; it’s long, it’s hard, and it’s grueling but we know we can count on you.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation
 of whatever you can afford to allow us to keep protecting your rights and promoting an accurate image of Arab Americans.

Your donation will allow us to do so much.

Thank you for investing in our community!