ADC Relaunches Voter Protection Unit (VPU)
Volunteers Needed from Across the Country

ADC is relaunching the Voter Protection Unit (VPU). Initially launched in 2008, the VPU is a mobilized grassroots effort aimed at protecting the rights of all voters, and provide necessary resources for voters across the country. The VPU needs assistance of volunteers who are willing and available to assist in their local communities.

How can I volunteer? 

* The first step is to send your information to the ADC-VPU at Please include your full name, email address, phone number, and voting district. 
* The VPU will provide you with the necessary training material and detailed explanation of the duties and requirements, along with how those duties can be performed. 

Where are volunteers needed? 

* Volunteers are needed from all across the country.

What is expected of me? 

As an Election Monitor District Representative you will: 

* Serve as the go-to person to election monitors across a voting district. 
* Be responsible for contacting the City or County Clerk should an issue arise. 
* Set schedules across a district and be responsible for strategically placing monitors. 
* Be responsible for reporting to the ADC-VPU on the day‘s activities. 
* Be someone familiar with election monitoring, organized, familiar with the voting district. 

As an Election Monitor you will: 

* Be primarily responsible for ensuring the fairness of the election process. 
* Be placed at a polling station by the District Representative. 
* Be given specific instructions on what to look for on Election Day. 
* Be provided instructions on how to report any acts of voter intimidation 
* Be willing to commit to a 3-4 hour block and have be able to carry out the duties.

Is there training involved? 

* ADC-VPU will forward all interested parties training material via email before the elections. 
* During the call all specific details and instructions will be provided. You will also have the opportunity to ask members of the VPU questions about the process. 

Click here to learn more about the ADC-VPU and your voting rights!


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