Invest in Arab American Students!


Our students represent the next generation of civil rights leaders, lawyers, journalists, and activists.

With that in mind, the Arab American community must not take its responsibility to invest in our youth lightly.

We at ADC certainly do not.

These are the years when they are most passionate and enthusiastic. We must engage them in our work now.

ADC is eager for college students to be more involved and attend this year's ADC Convention.

There are students who would like to attend and remain active in the pursuit of equal civil rights for Arab Americans but cannot afford the convention registration.

With your help, students' financial constraints will not prohibit them from being an active member of the ADC community.

We are turning to you for help in sponsoring these interested individuals.

This year ADC is launching a convention fund for students!

Donate to the ADC Convention Student Fund

Please make a generous contribution so everyone has a chance to attend the ADC National Convention

If you are unable to attend, and/or want to help us set the foundation for political awareness and involvement among our students—please donate. 

Let's prepare the next generation to take up the torch.

Give now to the ADC Convention Student Fund






Students -- Save more than 50% on registration!

We are dropping the student registration fee to just $100 for the first 50 college students who call (202) 244-2990 and register. 

To be eligible, you must:
- Present a valid 2012 student ID
- Present a college acceptance letter for the 2012-2013 school year
- Be a graduate of the class of 2012

We are deeply touched by your commitment to educate and improve the well-being of our students through your giving.

Together we can change the lives of our young people!


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