4 Million Strong!

As a community of approximately 4 million strong, Arab Americans have shown the political establishment in Washington DC and elsewhere that our vote is vital for the health and strength of our great nation.


Supporter, I want you to know we did it. It was not easy, but together we made sure that we got the word out to Arab Americans, helped them register to vote, and ensured they were not discriminated against at the polls.

In addition to centering this year's ADC National Convention on the elections with the theme: "Taking Charge. Moving Forward: Decision 2012," ADC has taken a very active role in the months immediately preceding the election to ensure our community's active involvement.

Through your grassroots-level support of ADC’s election efforts the past 2 months, we were able to raise enough money to successfully do the following:

  • Relaunch the ADC Voter Protection Unit (VPU) – During an election where voter suppression efforts loomed heavy, ADC volunteers across the country monitored the polls to ensure that the rights of all voters were protected. The ADC-VPU worked in coalition with other national voter protection campaigns sponsored by CAIR and Election Protection to make sure that every American citizen was guaranteed their fundamental right to vote.
  • Organize Town Halls & Meetings – Throughout the campaign ADC had town hall meetings in key states like Michigan and Virginia. In swing states Pennsylvania and Ohio, ADC members organized meetings where they strategized, and discussed issues that impacted them and the community as a whole. Meetings such as these are key to ADC's grassroots efforts across the nation.
  • Conduct Phone Banks & GOTV calls – ADC committed resources to contact thousands of voters across the country urging them to vote. In a joint effort with CAIR and comedian Dean Obeidallah, over 100,000 voters were contacted. ADC targeted key swing states, including as Ohio, Virginia, and Florida, dedicating resources to ensure successful get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts.
  • Be Your Voice in the Media – ADC served as the Arab American voice to national and international media entities. ADC experts provided insight about the Arab American vote and ensured that the concerns of the community were properly addressed.
  • Be Your Voice to the Candidates – ADC's national office and members engaged in meetings with candidates as well as federal, state, and local officials across the country to ensure that policy concerns impacting the Arab American community were heard and addressed by all parties.

Thank you for voting this election. Your engagement, commitment, and support made sure the Arab American voice was heard.

ADC congratulates President-Elect Barack Obama on his election as the 44th President of the United States of America. ADC expects the support of the Administration as we continue to protect the rights of the Arab American community, promote an accurate image of Arab Americans, and preserve our heritage.

Thank you for standing with ADC at this critical time and for playing your part. Just like the Administration, we too have a lot of work to do over the next four years. You provide the means through which ADC does its work. Help us get started by joining or renewing your membership right now!

Together in solidarity,

Warren David
ADC President