October 10, 2012

This is it. We are less than a month away from the election and time is running out.

As voting deadlines approach, please take a moment now to make sure you and those you hold dear are registered and planning to vote.

Since August, ADC has been devoted to making sure all Arab Americans are able to vote and choose to vote.

Thanks to the generosity of those of who contributed to our Election Fund, ADC has been successful in informing voters about the key issues affecting Arab Americans in this election and encouraging them to vote:

  • September 23 & 24 — ADC presented during the Muslim American Society Leadership Summit in New Jersey to get voters mobilized, provide election training, and promote ‘get out the vote’.
  • September 29 — ADC was also a key presenter during the CAIR Leadership Summit in Washington DC to get voters mobilized, provide election training, and promote ‘get out the vote’.
  • October 4 — ADC, in continuation of its Voter Protection Unit (VPU) efforts, met with representatives from DOJ to push for VPU.
  • October 11 — ADC is holding an elections community forum in Detroit, Michigan.
  • October 20 — ADC is holding a phone bank in northern Virginia calling community members urging them to get out the vote.
  • Last week of October (tentative) — ADC is meeting with voters in Florida to inform them about key issues during this election. Also in Cleveland, Ohio ADC is providing election training to community members.

We still need $10,000 to reach our goal. If you haven’t yet given, please take a moment after reading this letter to give to our Election Fund.

It is solely through your support that ADC can carry out these efforts.

We are a team. With ADC on the ground reaching out to voters, I know I can count on you to do your part.

Thank you for making this work possible!

Warren David
ADC President


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