ADC Statement on Coca-Cola's Super Bowl Ad

Washington, DC | | February 3, 2013 — Earlier this week the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) expressed concern over an advertisement by Coca-Cola. The ad, “Coke Chase,” portrays a stereotypical character of an Arab in a desert with a camel. This dated image is not an accurate depiction of our community in the United States, and it is a poor representation of the diversity of our communities around the world

ADC communicated with senior officials from Coca-Cola about the ad, and expressed our community's concerns. Coca-Cola explained that their intention was not to defame or offend any particular community. The representatives from Coca-Cola provide background information on the development of the ad campaign. ADC understands this position and acknowledges that Coca-Cola did not set out to intentionally offend the community.

ADC and Coca-Cola