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61st Day of Remembrance

61st Day of Remembrance

  • February 19, 2003

There are few things more precious than civil rights. The treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II is an abhorrent chapter in the history of the United States. The Day of Remembrance marks the anniversary of the date that Executive Order 9066, the presidential mandate that ordered Japanese Americans incarcerated in internment camps, was signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This year marks the 61st anniversary of this tragic American injustice.
The initiative of the Japanese American community to rise above the intolerance of the time celebrates both the Asian and American heritage of your community. ADC would like to acknowledge this Day of Remembrance and extend our appreciation for the vital role that Japanese Americans and Japanese American organizations have played in securing civil liberties for all Americans. In today‘s world, we must continue to work together to protect the civil rights of all Americans.
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