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Arab Americans, Muslims, and South Asians were among the secondary victims of the attacks on September 11th. Hate crimes, discrimination, and public hostility were commonplace in the following weeks. As a result this allowed us the unique opportunity to educate people about Arabs and Arab Americans.

All over the country people are asking for materials on Arab culture, history and religion. Listed below is a selection of resources and lesson plans we have put together on this subject. Feel free to print out and use these materials, just make sure to indicate ADC as the source.

Lesson Plans

In addition, Arab Americans are also responding to the many flaws in textbooks and the occasional ethnic or religious insensitivity of teachers or students. ADC’s program of “Reaching the Teachers” utilizes this grass-roots network of chapters, activists & members, including many parents of school-aged children, to reach out to teachers, schools and school systems. By learning How to Evaluate the Multicultural Programs in your Schools you will be able to determine how well your school system is doing.

Reaching the Teachers Campaign

The “Reaching the Teachers” campaign encourages Arab Americans to become more involved in their community schools, builds relationships with teachers associations, and sensitizes educators to the Arab American community and its concerns. While we have seen a steady improvement in increasing awareness of Arab-related issues, much needs to be done in spreading the word to the more than 300,000 Social Studies teachers and 12,000 school districts in the U.S. Learn more

Internship Applications Currently Being Accepted

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is now accepting applications for its summer internship program. The internship program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students; the deadline for applications is March 1. Learn more

ADC Research Institute (ADCRI)

The ADC Research Institute (ADCRI), founded in 1981 by James Abourezk, civil rights attorney and former senator from South Dakota, is a corporation exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Institute sponsors a wide range of programs on behalf of Arab Americans and of consequence to the wider American community. Learn more

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