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Network of Arab American Lawyers of ADC (NAALA)

  • Attorneys will be able to participate in events throughout the year, such as substantive panels, continuing legal education programs (CLE), implementation of education programs, and the hosting of nationwide networking events.


    The goal of NAALA is to network, unite, and through different efforts, call for social change. ADC is passionate and dedicated to helping our community, and in order for us to continue our work we will need the assistance and support from the legal community.


    We ask that you join NAALA today and help ADC in advancing its mission to protect civil rights and human rights, combat discrimination, and provide much needed legal protection.


    If you are interested in NAALA, please fill out the membership application and the ADC cooperating attorney referral list found below. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at (202)-244-2990.

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