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Since 1981, over 500 students have participated in the Anthony Shadid Internship Program of the ADC Research Institute (ADCRI). Students from all over the country and the globe come to the ADC national office in Washington, D.C. each year to gain first-hand experience in non-profit work.

The Anthony Shadid Internship Program offers positions in a variety of departments so that students of all disciplines can benefit. The program educates students on issues of civil rights, Arab-American heritage, and current events in the Middle East. Students get practical training in case-handling, media relations, research, legal and media writing, educational outreach, community organizing, and office administration alongside our national office staff.


During the duration of the internship program, ADC interns get several opportunities to visit government and congressional offices, embassies, and other cornerstone organizations in Washington, D.C. These experiences introduce ADC interns to policy-making institutions in the D.C. area. ADC interns will also have opportunities to attend speeches, film screenings, conferences, exhibits, and cultural programs in D.C. which address world issues. Each year at the end of their program, ADC interns write and publish Intern Perspectives, in which they reflect on their experiences at ADC and the issues on which they focused. Click here to view the “Intern Perspectives” from past years.

While the program is primarily oriented to Arab-American students, we encourage students of all ethnic backgrounds to apply. International students are eligible for the intern program, but must acquire U.S. visas that authorize employment in the U.S. if accepted. ADC cannot make these arrangements. They may be available through university programs or organizations such as the Council on International Educational Exchange (www.ciee.org). For more resources on attaining visas for internships, please call us at (202) 244-2990 during regular office hours or send an e-mail to adc@adc.org.


Candidates must have completed at least one (1) year of college. Undergraduates, recent graduates, graduate students, and law students are all eligible for the Anthony Shadid Internship Program.

Interns must be or become ADC members. Student memberships are available at discounted rates.

Types of Internships

Summer Program

During the summer, up to 15 internships are available at the national office. The 11 week internships are full-time positions. We ask interns to start as soon as possible after their semester ends.

Semester Internships

Volunteer positions for course credit are available during the academic year and are arranged on a case-by-case basis.


For all internship positions, the application deadline for Fall is August 30th. For Spring, December 30th. For Summer, April 30th.

Later applications will be considered, but early applicants will be given priority. Deadlines are tentative, as we accept applications until all positions are filled.

Start and end dates can be accommodated to student class schedules.

What You Need to Apply

  • Completed application form
  • Resume
  • Academic transcript
  • Three (3) references
  • Writing sample
  • Cover letter


Email completed applications to: adc@adc.org


Mail completed applications to:
ADC Intern Coordinator
1705 Desales St NW Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036


Please choose ONE (1) form of submission. Electronic preferred.

Housing: ADC can help interns in need of housing to connect with each other. Interns must make their own housing arrangements. For some resources on housing for students, please call us at (202) 244-2990 during regular office hours or send an e-mail to adc@adc.org.